How Populo can help with contract reviews and development

A contract of employment is a legal document between you as the employer and the employee.  It sets out the terms and conditions of employment.  Under employment law, an employee should be given a written statement of the terms and conditions of employment from day one of starting work with you.  

There are certain pieces of information that should be included in the written statement and others which should be covered but can be given as separate documentation.

Reviewing your organisation's contracts of employment

I have worked with a number of small charities to improve and develop their contracts of employment.  I can review your contracts of employment and the common areas for improvement include:

  • Adding in information which should be included under statutory requirements, e.g. ensuring notice periods meet statutory minimum requirements for an employer giving notice
  • Taking out information which is out of date, e.g. retirement age
  • Updating information, e.g. amending a disciplinary procedure to ensure it reflects the ACAS code of practice, covers all employees in the charity and if followed would lead to a fair dismissal process.
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Contracts of Employment Health Check

If you would like me to review your contracts of employment please get in touch.

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Affordable pricing for social enterprises and small charities

As a social enterprise, I offer my support at £70 per hour which is a significantly lower fee than other providers of HR support to charities.  I will discuss with you ahead of starting any work for you how much time it will take and what the cost will be so that we can agree up front what you will pay.

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