How can you ensure a successful recruitment process?

Finding the right person for the job depends on your organisation:

  • Being clear about the role that you want to fill
  • Advertising in the most appropriate places so that the right person will see your job vacancy
  • Having in place an excellent recruitment and selection process which reflects best practice – including equality and diversity issues and statutory requirements

How Populo can help

I can support you in finding the right person by helping you to write high quality role descriptions and selection criteria for use in recruitment and selection. I am able to provide advice on best practice selection processes, give you ideas of how to go about finding the right person and if required, participate in the interview process.

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Preparation, Curiosity, and Listening
Why it's important to find the best person for the role

I have observed small charities recruiting family members or friends to roles within the organisation for reasons of convenience and practicalities. However, this may lead to difficult issues. If an open and fair recruitment process has not been followed, then it begs the question as to whether the family member/friend is in fact the best person for the role and this could have a direct impact on the future performance of the organisation. In addition, conflicts of interest can arise which may lead to difficult working relationships.

I am always happy to talk with small charities and social enterprises about how they can expand.

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Affordable pricing for social enterprises and small charities

As a social enterprise, I offer my support at £64 per hour which is a significantly lower fee than other providers of HR support to charities.  I will discuss with you ahead of starting any work for you how much time it will take and what the cost will be so that we can agree up front what you will pay.

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