As a small charity or social enterprise you may have a particular people issue you have never had to deal with before and need to take advice on how to deal with it fairly and within the law.  

Example: redundancy and maternity leave

For example, a small charity asked my advice on how to deal with a potential redundancy situation where one of the people to be made redundant was on maternity leave.  There are two important areas to consider here:

  • Making an employee redundant is considered a dismissal and therefore an employer should ensure that the dismissal is fair.  To make sure that a dismissal is fair, a number of steps need to be taken to ensure a proper process of selection, consultation, and notification of redundancy is followed.
  • A woman on maternity leave has special protection under employment legislation and it is important that she is dealt with appropriately in a redundancy situation.  She would be entitled to preferential treatment in certain situations.

If this issue was not dealt with correctly then there could be a risk of the employee claiming unfair dismissal and/or sex discrimination.

management issues

If you have a particular individual case or HR problem that you are not confident of how best to manage then please contact me if you would like to discuss further.

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Affordable pricing for social enterprises and small charities

As a social enterprise, I offer my support at £64 per hour which is a significantly lower fee than other providers of HR support to charities.  I will discuss with you ahead of starting any work for you how much time it will take and what the cost will be so that we can agree up front what you will pay.

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