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Small organisations often allow their employees to work from home, either on an ad hoc basis or on a regular, ongoing basis.

I have worked with many small charities and social enterprises where there is no clear policy on homeworking.

Some of the common issues where there is no homeworking policy or communication to employees about homeworking are:

• Lack of guidance on the requirement for health and safety risk assessments and regular monitoring
Data security
• The implications for both the employer’s business insurance and employee’s home insurance
• Lack of clarity on what equipment will be provided by the employer and what will be for the employee to provide
• What expenses will be covered by the employer and what expenses will be the responsibility of the employee
• The possible impact on tenancy agreements and/or mortgage arrangements

I have worked with a number of small charities and social enterprises to ensure that their policy relating to homeworking provides clear and understandable guidance to employees and ensures that the employer’s duty of care is covered.

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